At W.A. Petrakis we have completed an extensive amount of projects. Listed below are some notable examples.

  • Mid Mon Valley – Construction of new sewer pump station.
  • MAWC Meadowbrook – Construction and plumbing of a 4 vertical turbine water pumping station with prepackaged and ground up items.
  • Tenaska
  • Lincoln Way – Installation of approximately 19,000 ft of 8 inch pipe.
  • Plum Borough Saltsburg Road Waterline Taps – 60+ waterline reconnections, waterline connections, and the installation of pressure reducing vault.
  • Grandview and Pearl Avenue Waterline – Installation of approximately 4,500 feet of 8” ductile iron waterline and 60 services.
  • Country Hills Sewer Replacement – Replaced approximately 6,500 LF of 8” gravity sewer, 56 manholes, and complete restoration.
  • Upper Saint Clair Sewer Contract 2010 – Maintenance Contract for sanitary sewer repairs and emergency repairs. Replaced approximately 3,500 LF of 8” gravity sewer, 15 manholes and 5,000 LF of pipe bursting (subcontracted) on call for emergency repairs. Complete restoration was included. Other miscellaneous storm work.
  • Whitehall Borough Sewer Line Repair – Raising of approximately 15 manholes, installation of 25 new manholes, 40 spot repairs, and approximately 500 feet of 8” gravity repair.
  • Lincoln Heights East Collection Lines – Installation of approximately 27,000 LF of 8” gravity sewer, 7,000LF of 6” gravity sewer, and approximately 150 manholes.
  • Glenn Osborne Interconnect and Sanitary Sewers – Installation of approximately 7,000LF of 10” force main, 7,000LF of 10” and 8” gravity sewer, and 50 manholes.
  • Midland Sanitary Sewer – Installation of approximately 30,000 feet of various pipe diameter sanitary sewer and 200+ manholes.
  • Rich Hill Force Main Replacement – Installation of approximately 2,400LF of 24” force main.
  • Plum Streambank Stabilization – Installation of coir logs for stabilization of streambank.
  • Olde Orchard Storm Pond Repair – Restoration of eroded and non-functioning storm water pond and replacement of RCP piping.
  • Gateway Pond – Installation of storm water pond and 15” and 18” RCP pipe.
  • North Hills Council of Governments – Installation of approximately 800 feet of 12” overflow certa-lok yelomine pipe braced on 47 pipe hangars that were secured by drilling 2 holes per hangar and applying hilti epoxy.