Hydro Vac Excavating

This is the process of using water and high powered vacuum systems to safely and efficiently excavate in the work area. Our truck is the Gap Vax HV Series. Hydro Excavating is an alternative to conventional digging. There is one key difference, the use of the Hydro Vac can dig around existing lines with minimal risk of damage to them.


This truck entered our fleet of all company owned equipment three years ago. Since then it has seen extensive use. Most notably is the immediate use in a project for the City of Pittsburgh. The truck dug up close to 3000 Water Service lines throughout the City.

State of the Art Equipment

Our Hydro Vax HV Series truck is top of the line equipment from an industry leading Manufacturer. It has a range of applications and we look forward to using to help you in completing your next project needing precision or soft digging.